Added a Roadmap page with some ideas for the future.

And emailed ~6 of the groups (which had publications in the last year or so, and that I could easily find contacts for) to let them know about the site, and see if they have better PDFs or know of missing publications:

Hi [group],

Wanted to let you know that I added your disorientation guides [details x, y, z] to — an archive I recently started of disorientation publications across institutions.

(I realized recently that there isn’t an active website that collects/links these publications, so I decided to set one up. After a few days of searching and scraping, the site now houses 103 publications across 55 institutions.)

I found your guides on Issuu, and downloads from there get kind of messed up, so I’d be happy to swap the file out if you have better ones on hand — just LMK. I can also update the metadata with any other info/links you might wanna share.

Also: if you have (or know where to find) missing or previous issues, or other diso guides that aren’t yet on the site, I’d love to add them. Not sure if there are more?

In solidarity,

Haven’t otherwise shared the site (except with a few friends). Wanted to start with the people whose publications are on it.

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